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You can fill questionnaire in word .doc too: 

1. Your e-mail
Your name, surname
Address, district, telephone, mobile phone
2. How many children are in your family? How many kids are needed to be looked after? How old are they? Please write children‘s names and dates of birth.
3. May be there are some special childcare conditions (for example: allergic, ill, hyper active, disabled kid etc.)?
4. What is your child’s character, hobby (if he/she has any), favourite occupation?
5. What additional work nursery-governess will have to do?

a) Housework
b)cooking for children
c) cooking for parents
d) washing
e) ironing - childs clothes
f) ironing - family laundry
g) shopping
h) children shuttle - public transport
i) children shuttle by car (please write if you can give one)
j) animal care (if positive, please give us more information)
k) something more? Please write
6. In Your opinion, what are the features, which good nursery-governess should have?
7. Have You had nursery-governess ever before? If positive, may be You had some problems? What did You enjoyed?
8. What wage You can offer for nursery-governess (by the hour, monthly, from-to)
9. In what time do you need nursery-governess?   
from till hour
10. In Your opinion, how long do You need nursery-governess?
11. When nursery-governess should start working? a) the sooner the better b) (date)
12. Is the age of nursery-governess meaningful for You?
. Do you attach importance to language knowledge? What is Your Attitude to nursery-governess talking with accent?
14. What is Your attitude to orderliness ( You are not orderly or You are scrupulous orderly or just orderly)?
15. What are your family professions (it is not necessary to answer)? What nursery-governess calibre would be most appropriate (exact sciences, humanities or it is not important)?
16.May be nourishment in Your family is somehow idionsyncratic?
17. Are You congregation? What religion do you profess?
18. Where would You like nursery-governess to sit for You child: a)Your house b) nursery-governess house c)both d)other
19. If You request to sit after child at Your house, may be there are exceptional danger source?
You live near the water
there are staircase in Your house
there is a dog near a house

20. On what floor do you live? Do you have a lift?
21. Is Your baby sucking (breastfeeding)?
22. What educational system is most acceptable to You?
23. What nursery-governess character features are not acceptable for You?
24. What child upbringing way You prefer?
foreign languages

25. Do You smoke? What is Your attitude towards smoking?
26. Is it possible we have not asked something important to You…
27. Would You like Your nursery-governess to take part in ‘Mummy’s and nanny’s academy’?
28. It would be very important for us if You could give Your records about nursery-governess when she will terminate working for You. Can we approach to You?
29. How did You know about our company?
30. May be You have some ideas, criticism, suggestions – what we could do better?
I agree with terms and conditions

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