A child is worth to be taken really good care of. 

We got established on the 3rd of June, 2002. Our demands of the nannies are the very highest, we apply the two-step psychological selection processes in order to minimize the risk while accepting a stranger into the homes and trusting the children to her/him. We keep a continuous database in the company and provide the possibility to consult a child development and adult psychologist.

Our branch office in Kaunas has been opened in 2003. In both towns, Vilnius and Kaunas, we work with the most experienced psychologists, select the professionals that are not only specialized in clinical psychology but also…are mothers themselves. It is important to us that the selected people who come to your families to work shall be mentally stable, sensitive and patient. Our demands are high and we select only the nannies we would trust our own children to.

In order to give their children the best the parents should work and develop themselves, they should be social and ambitious. Here comes the need for a nanny (for the modern grandparents do have their own dreams and future plans too...). We established the company MOTHER AND NANNY - "Mama ir auklė" in order to help the parents to continue the work they started with the child’s birth - and provide for child with the attention, care and knowledge. 

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