Selection of a long – term nanny, housekeeper or nurse: 

In Vilnius  it costs 495 EU: 215 EU during the first meeting with the candidates and the rest 280 EU after the nanny is chosen (you chose which nanny you will give a trial). The consulting agreement (20 EU per month) is signed.
Discount in Kaunas! Selection of a long-term nanny costs 395 EU: 215 EU+180 EU.

If you need part-time nanny (less then 5 hours a day), price is 395 EU: 215 EU+180 EU.

Nanny from Lithuania to work abroad – 700 Euros: 350 EU during the first meeting (or interview via skype) and the rest 350 EU after the nanny is  chosen for a trial.  If possible You should have someone in Lithuania to meet candidates, but it is possible too to communicate via skype/phone. If you need nanny, who has drivers license, selection of nanny costs 1000 Euros: 450+550.

Single orders

Agency is paid 50-200 EU, the nurse is paid according to the working time and the requirements set in every case. The nanny’s salary depends on the labour market situation.

Testing of nannies (housekeepers, nurses) - nanny venting

Testing of one person selected by you (not from the agency) costs 150 EU.  

Consultancy (Academy of a Mother and Nanny) (“Mamos ir auklės akademija”)

20 EU fee is paid to the agency every month for consultancy.

Psychologist’s consultations

Every single case is discussed separately.

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