How to get a good nanny:
  • Revise your requirements. Is it important for you or for your child's needs? Is it really so important, what age or nationality is nanny, how good are her language skills (if a candidate is worth it, maybe it's not a problem if her language is not perfect)? If your acquaintances would recommend their nanny, would you meet her anyway?
  • Don't forget requirements that really matters (f. eg. if a child is allergic, maybe it is important that nanny should not have cat or dog in her house);
  • Look to your family from a distance - what is your character? Are you easy to communicate? Are you an attractive employer?
  • Think about work time. Usually it's about 10 hours a day. It's quiet much. Ensure it wouldn't be more. Nannies appreciate families that can give them time to visit a doctor or make some necessary things in a work time.
  • Don't forget to mention if there is granny or older children  at home. What temper are they?
  • If you live somethere far from public transport, think how to solve this problem. Maybe you have  the opportunity to take nanny from a city or at least from a bus stop? Maybe she could join your neighbours? Think about live-in nanny too.
  • If you live far away from town, think about a financial compensation for extra time and transport problems.
  • Nannies value social security. Please mention if you have a possibility to hire her in your company, to arrange an employment contract and cover the taxes. Nannies with higher salaries increasingly insure themselves too.
  • If you have a candidate from outside the agency, test her - you will know best and worst qualities of nanny, suitability for your child and reduce risk of inappropriate choice. If nanny is educated enough and doesn't have nothing to hide, she shouldn't refuse tests at the agency.